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  • Triathlon training, the first 2 months

    Posted on : 2011-10-11

    Already more than 2 months have passed since I've started to train again.First month I focused on short distances on run...

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  • Triathlete Equipment Room - Not Mine Though :-(

    Posted on : 2011-09-21

    Just a short post before to go to bed for the equipment geek among us :I stumbled upon this video today. Helle Frederiks...

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  • Nutrition advices and a Go Pro Triathlon movie (not by me)

    Posted on : 2011-09-06

    I stumble upon these 2 videos recently. First is by Mara Yamauchi, a marathon runner. She's giving interesting food advi...

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  • Back to Training, seriously.

    Posted on : 2011-09-04

    This is has been a many times failed project during the last 5 years. Many times I thought : "ok this year I will train...

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  • Tokyo Cycle Mode 2010...

    Posted on : 2011-09-01

    I have these photos of Tokyo Cycle Mode since winter 2010... So obviously, no breaking news in this collection of pics b...

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  • Volunteering in Ishinomaki

    Posted on : 2011-06-08

    Last week-end my wife and I joined Dan Castellano and some of his friends to do some volunteering in Ishinomaki with the...

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