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  • Sprint Triathlon as a Training

    Posted on : 2013-06-08

    This morning I raced myself on a home-made sprint triathlon in order to test myself and prepare next week Olympic Distan...

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  • What I've been up to!

    Posted on : 2013-05-06

    Latest blog entry is from August last year. Better to compile here some stuff before I forgot about it (I will read this...

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  • Sagishima Triathlon Trip and Race Report

    Posted on : 2012-08-24

    I was looking forward racing again after my 'come-back' to triathlon competition in June. I missed the limit date to reg...

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  • Triathlon Training a Year After

    Posted on : 2012-08-05

    Hello mid-summer and the not mid-temperatures!Almost 10PM here and it's still 30 deg. Celsius out thereā€¦ In the day time...

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  • Strava - Rapha Rising Challenge

    Posted on : 2012-07-22

    This week of training was a bit unusual for me as I took part in the Rapha Rising Challenge - Circle of Death.What is it...

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  • Triathlon TV report and short interview!

    Posted on : 2012-06-20

    This is the report by local TV TCC, yes I know it's in Japanese :-)As a local racer I've been interviewed just after cro...

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