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  • My fixie quest (part one)

    Posted on : 2008-07-05

    Even if it is hell to practice road bike in/around Tokyo, one thing cool is the number of bicycle shops. I already have...

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  • Geeky introduction to the blog!

    Posted on : 2008-07-02

    First I chose to develop my own system so I can customize everything as I want... and also because I enjoy coding. I...

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  • Triathlon training around Yokohama

    Posted on : 2008-06-25

    This is a post for my friends of Hac Triathlon ( in Le Havre, France. Okay...So, since I've bee...

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  • One day in Hakone

    Posted on : 2008-06-21

    Last thursday we went to Hakone, it's about one hour and a half from Yokohama station. First we took the Tokaido line un...

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