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  • This week javascript little hacks

    Posted on : 2008-07-31

    This week, I encountered two little problems that can take time to fix if you don't search with the proper keywords on g...

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  • Ride bicycles!

    Posted on : 2008-07-26

    Here are some shots from the search page of twitter, formerly known as Summize (I liked the design better...)....

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  • My fixie quest (part two)

    Posted on : 2008-07-19

    This afternoon I went to Carnival, maybe the most famous shop for fixies in Japan. It's in Shibuya at the second floor o...

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  • Fast Friday in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2008-07-18

    The 2008-08-08 the DVD "Fast friday" will be released in Japan. It's a fixie documentary by David Rowe. For the oc...

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  • Mocha UI - A Canvas User Interface Framework

    Posted on : 2008-07-12

    I've been using Mootools for about one year now and find it a great javascript framework. But this week I found one mor...

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  • Today was iphone day!

    Posted on : 2008-07-11

    This morning at 7AM I took this shot in front of the Yodobashi Camera of Yokohama, about 100 people were waiting for the...

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