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  • My neighbourhood - Yokohama - Kamaya Cho

    Posted on : 2008-10-02

    I've been living in Yokohama for already 2 years! Next winter will be my third here. So today I propose you a short tou...

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  • Photo gallery with Flickr API

    Posted on : 2008-09-02

    Yesterday, I upgraded this homepage with a photos gallery so from now I'll be able to share with you my photos, I am sur...

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  • Google Ad in Japan!

    Posted on : 2008-08-29

    Here in Japan, Yahoo! is still number one in the internet business. We can find it everywhere (PC, mobile phone, TV, pr...

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  • A Sunday morning in Kamakura

    Posted on : 2008-08-12

    (Kamakura Great Bouddha, picture taken last year) Last Sunday, we met Doug San (a.k.a Big Bouddha) in Kamakura Statio...

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  • Tokyo Marathon

    Posted on : 2008-08-09

    I've spotted some posters for the next Tokyo Marathon in 2009! This time it will be little bit later in the year...

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  • My fixie quest (part three)

    Posted on : 2008-08-02

    Today I visited "Sexon Super Peace". It's a fixed gear bicycle shop (but also for some surf stuff) in Shinsen (神泉) i...

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