Shots and Videos from Instagram


  • Books Vending Machine in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2008-11-05

    Books Vending Machine on the train platform in Ikebukuro Station... Nothing so unusual here in Tokyo, but one book caugh...

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  • Blog New Features

    Posted on : 2008-11-04

    Yesterday I changed a little bit the top page of the blog. I added a new category of post called "Short News" (from Japa...

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  • Street video gamer in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2008-11-01

    Guy (Gold one) playing a video game and catching people's attention with his style and skills. Maybe 30 people (includin...

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  • Bicycle Flea Market Canonet Photos

    Posted on : 2008-10-29

    Here are the photos taken with my Canonet at the bicycle flea market 2 weeks ago.I did not plan this visit and already l...

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  • Organic Life in Japan

    Posted on : 2008-10-25

    During my first trip in Japan 3 years ago I chose to become a member of Willing Worker On Organic Farm organization (a....

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  • Sekido Bashi Bicycle Flea Market

    Posted on : 2008-10-17

    The first time I've read about this market was in COG magazine but then completly forgot about it... Thankfully,...

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