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  • Photography from Japan

    Posted on : 2008-12-29

    Just added more albums in the gallery section. Photos are hosted on zooomr, I will explain this week in a post how to ge...

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  • Ikebukuro, Tokyo

    Posted on : 2008-12-25

    For the last 2 years, I've been working in Ikebukuro near Kita Guchi (North Entrance) but it's going to change next week...

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  • Fixie start at Harajuku crossing, by Joi Ito

    Posted on : 2008-12-17

    Just found this short cool video by Joi Ito. More news soon about fixed gear. Last posts about it were about the Sekido...

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  • Sébastien Tellier in Tokyo - Canonet Photos

    Posted on : 2008-12-11

    More shots from Sébastien Tellier's Live, last month in Tokyo Midtown. Taken with my vintage Canonet GIII QL17, that's...

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  • Daisen - Tottori - Japan

    Posted on : 2008-12-05

    [Photo by hfossli, his Flickr]. Daisen (大山, the Big Mountain) is the highest peak of Tottori with 1710m (and larg...

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  • Food in Tottori -Japan

    Posted on : 2008-12-03

    I spent the last week in Tottori Ken, a prefecture in the west of Japan along the Sea of Japan. This is one of the firs...

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