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  • Jogging in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2009-02-01

    Despite of the cold, winter is a good season for training, it's much more comfortable than summer with its heat combined...

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  • Fixie in Shibuya

    Posted on : 2009-01-23

    Working now in Shibuya I can see everyday some dudes riding fixies (and some single speed also). During one of my lunch...

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  • Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Fair

    Posted on : 2009-01-17

    Yesterday I went to the Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Fair. I thought of a quite big event but it's actually a rather small org...

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  • An other day in Hakone

    Posted on : 2009-01-09

    My first article on this blog was about Hakone. It was summer at that time. We went over there again in November to s...

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  • Sayonara 2008, Hello 2009

    Posted on : 2009-01-03

    So this is time to review 2008 and my ups and downs. Let's start with my ups : - Already 2 years living as a coup...

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  • Samurai Factory

    Posted on : 2008-12-30

    As I said in a previous article, the company I am working for, Samurai Factory, moved from Ikebukuro to Shibuya. So Mond...

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