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  • NJS Kalavinka frame building video

    Posted on : 2009-04-24

    I've just found these 2 videos by Tomity San, we can see Tanabe San from Kalavinka at work : building a NJS frame : Keir...

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  • Ninjalyzer from Japan!

    Posted on : 2009-04-21

    When I came to Japan to look for a job and doing search on the web I could see a tiny shuriken logo on the top left of m...

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  • Sekido Bashi Spring Flea Market

    Posted on : 2009-04-19

    As you may remember (or not) I've already been to this bicycle flea market which takes place twice a year. I must say th...

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  • Fixed Gear in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2009-04-12

    Quite beautiful week-end here in Tokyo. Saturday I took the fixie for a ride. I first took it in a bag for about 20mn of...

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  • N. Korean missile over our heads...

    Posted on : 2009-04-05

    North Korean leaders claim it was a satellite launch and that it succeeded, other countries tell it was a ballistic miss...

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  • My new baito!

    Posted on : 2009-04-01

    I found a quite good baito (part time job)! As you can see I passed the audition and I will be the Bad Gaijin in...