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  • Sayonara Samurai Factory

    Posted on : 2010-01-31

    [*] He he In September 2006 I decided to come to live in Japan... Well let's say, to try it. It was my third time to...

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  • Handmade Bicycle Fair Tokyo 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-19

    Like last year I went to the Handmade Bicycle Fair of Tokyo this last Saturday. I would say that the usual suspects w...

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  • From 2009 to 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-14

    Wow wow wow... Already the 14th of January. Veeeery slow start for the blog this year, sorry for that, as an excuse I wi...

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  • Keirin Grand Prix 2009

    Posted on : 2010-01-02

    [Poster seen at the Cycle Mode - which reminds me I still have some photos to show you about this event] Each year t...

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  • Ninja Trick House

    Posted on : 2009-12-26

    Completely forgot to upload these photos! I took them at the beginning of November during our trip in Nagano prefecture...

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  • Italian Bicycles

    Posted on : 2009-12-23

    More photos taken at Cycle Mode, today I will focus on Italian brands that caught my eyes. This first one was sim...

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