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  • Nikon D5000

    Posted on : 2009-05-17

    Second article of the week-end! I bought my first DSLR 4 days ago, it's a Nikon D5000. As I don't have the skill to make a technical critic of the beast, I simply show what I could do with...

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  • GAëtano - L' Exposition - Paris

    Posted on : 2009-05-10

    OK, today I am going to hi-jack my own blog for an article with nothing related to Japan nor bicycles! Since May the Fourth (be with you ...muhaha) to the 17th of May, my friend and painter GAëtano...

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  • Tokyo CGM Night #4

    Posted on : 2009-05-02

    What is the Tokyo CGM Night? No, it's not the Compagnie Générale Maritime Night... (Photo by strtigga) But the Consumer Generated Media Night organized by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttle...

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  • Ninjalyzer from Japan!

    Posted on : 2009-04-21

    When I came to Japan to look for a job and doing search on the web I could see a tiny shuriken logo on the top left of many Japanese blogs... Checking it I found out it was related to a Samurai Facto...

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  • My new baito!

    Posted on : 2009-04-01

    I found a quite good baito (part time job)! As you can see I passed the audition and I will be the Bad Gaijin in the next Takeshi "Beat" Kitano movie! You can't imagine how I am excited about i...


  • Tokyo CGM Night III

    Posted on : 2009-03-14

    Again, a great evening thanks to @dannychoo and @ashuttleworth. This time it took place in Harajuku. And I think the event is getting better! If you don't know what it is, check here : Tokyo CGM Night...

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  • Not Free iPhone in Japan...

    Posted on : 2009-03-06

    ...But cheaper though. Despite of the ads everywhere there is no such things as a 0 yen iPhone. But 2 discounts are done, one on the price of the phone itself : 30720 yen (1280*24) and one on t...


  • Tokyo CGM Night Report

    Posted on : 2009-02-07

    I went yesterday at the Tokyo CGM Night organized by Danny Choo, and Andrew Shuttleworth : A meeting aiming at "gathering the leaders in CGM - bloggers, YouTubers, Social Networkers an...

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  • Tokyo CGM Night

    Posted on : 2009-02-06

    Just back from Tokyo CGM Night organized by Danny Choo. More to come tomorrow time for bed here...'s me, he made me join the dark side....he he

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  • Sayonara 2008, Hello 2009

    Posted on : 2009-01-03

    So this is time to review 2008 and my ups and downs. Let's start with my ups : - Already 2 years living as a couple! (more to come about that soon *_*) - Skill-up in coding, always learning...

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  • Sébastien Tellier in Tokyo - Canonet Photos

    Posted on : 2008-12-11

    More shots from Sébastien Tellier's Live, last month in Tokyo Midtown. Taken with my vintage Canonet GIII QL17, that's why they come late... Sébastien Tellier is a real showman, he can sing blinde...

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  • Sébastien Tellier in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2008-11-22

    I was lucky yesterday as I learn that Sébastien Tellier was in Tokyo for few concerts. Lucky again : one of this concert was in Tokyo Midtown today. The show started at exactly 2PM as scheduled. Th...

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  • Film Photography in Japan

    Posted on : 2008-11-07

    Something cool in the land of photography (a.k.a Japan) is that we can still enjoy film photography like before the digital era. As you can see : the choice of films is still incredible! F...

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  • Organic Life in Japan

    Posted on : 2008-10-25

    During my first trip in Japan 3 years ago I chose to become a member of Willing Worker On Organic Farm organization (a.k.a as WWOOF). It was my first real contact with organic work and culture...

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  • Google Ad in Japan!

    Posted on : 2008-08-29

    Here in Japan, Yahoo! is still number one in the internet business. We can find it everywhere (PC, mobile phone, TV, provider...) and established many years ago (it's important as the Japanese tend t...

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  • Today was iphone day!

    Posted on : 2008-07-11

    This morning at 7AM I took this shot in front of the Yodobashi Camera of Yokohama, about 100 people were waiting for the iphone 3G. I would not do that but it's quite funny I think... In Tokyo it was...

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