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  • 6 months

    Posted on : 2011-05-30

    After 6 months away from the blog, I was not sure where to start again. I'm going for the easy solution :  a summary of these 6 past months.I use also this blog to remember what I've been up to a...

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  • CP+ Camera and Girls Show in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2010-05-04

    Okay I am lying a bit, the real title is "CP+  Camera and Photo Imaging Show" :-)It was about one month ago and it was the first time I visit such an event dedicated to cameras. It turned out the...

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  • Freelance in Japan and new Mac Book Pro

    Posted on : 2010-04-29

    After a little bit more than 3 years at Samurai Factory, I am now working as a freelancer (the ultimate goal is to be able to work from anywhere but that's an other story). I first thought it would be...


  • CGM Night at Akihabara

    Posted on : 2010-02-16

    I could not attend the last CGM Night organized by Danny and Andrew so it was a while that I met some of my "CGM comrades". This time was a special Dollfie and Cosplay edition. I am pretty sure everyo...

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  • About tablets and the iPad

    Posted on : 2010-02-03

    I've read a lot about the iPad. Mostly either the authors point at the lack of functions to bash the product or on the contrary we have the fan boys comments. But I have yet to read someone describing...

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  • Sayonara Samurai Factory

    Posted on : 2010-01-31

    [*] He he In September 2006 I decided to come to live in Japan... Well let's say, to try it. It was my third time to come to Japan. I was over 30 years old so had no possibility to apply for a wor...

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  • From 2009 to 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-14

    Wow wow wow... Already the 14th of January. Veeeery slow start for the blog this year, sorry for that, as an excuse I will use the famous one : "I was busy" if you don't mind. So, well, it is kind of...

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  • Wallpaper*

    Posted on : 2009-12-19

    Thanks to Gordon Kanki Knight who is a journalist based in Tokyo, I am quite happy to see about 15 photos I shot at the Cycle Mode International "published" on the website of Wallpaper*. Gordon...

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  • Japanese Sneakers Supermarket

    Posted on : 2009-10-26

    I know I still have a photo article about the bicycle market to upload but as I promised a while ago, here is my visit to one of the sneaker supermarkets in Japan, an ABC Mart, we can find them a litt...

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  • Japanese Sneakers, Onitsuka and Co.

    Posted on : 2009-10-12

    Few shots from a ToptoTop shop in DaikanYama (yes again DaikanYama :) specialized in Japanese sneaker brands. First we have DragonBeard, it seems the company is about 10 year old....

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  • Sneakers in Japan

    Posted on : 2009-09-19

    Waiting for wifey to finish her work in Daikanyama, I visited this shop. When I first came to Japan in 2005, in Osaka, I was amazed by the diversity of the sneaker models one could see. Of...

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  • Japanese Spiders

    Posted on : 2009-09-17

    Japanese Spiderman in 1978. Clearly I am not a big fan of spiders unless they are huge and mechanical like the ones we could enjoy seeing last spring in Yokohama : It was La Machine, a w...

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  • 09/09/09 09:09:09

    Posted on : 2009-09-09

    Do only geeks enjoy this kind of timestamp? ^_^ Photo taken at this moment : ...yes...It was communting time for me, so, well, here's a glimpse of morning train in Japan!

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  • Captain Harlock Figure

    Posted on : 2009-07-30

    Sunday night, back from a local Matsuri, we stumble upon a shop still open : an oasis for otaku in a residential area. Usual items can be found : figures, manga, anime DVDs, J Pop CDs and MOPLA...

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  • Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City - Part 3

    Posted on : 2009-06-28

    Oops, I completely forgot to post this last article about my short trip in Ho Chin Minh City a.k.a Saigon, Viet Nam. Here we go : (Taken in the Reunification Palace) First a few words about my...

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  • Tokyo CGM Night #5

    Posted on : 2009-06-20

    A short note about the Tokyo CGM Night 5 (What?! 5 already!? 早い!) organized by Danny and Andrew. Lot's of stuff on the net already of course as it took places last Monday in a KDDI office....

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  • Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City - Part 2

    Posted on : 2009-06-04

    Second day, the purpose was to learn about the web in Vietnam from 2 companies and a visit to the University of Technology. But first I can't resist to show few shots of street life!...

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  • Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City - Part 1

    Posted on : 2009-05-30

    Each year, we have a 4/5 days "field trip" at Samurai Factory. Two years ago we visited Las Vegas and a jump to the Grand Canyon; last year we visited London with a jump in Paris, and this year we wen...

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