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  • Fixed Gear on Twitter!

    Posted on : 2009-02-28

    Today I setted up a new account on Twitter with the user name PignonFixe. "Pignon Fixe" stands for "Fixed Gear" in French. So, what is it about ? This twitter account is automatically feeded...

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  • Jogging in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2009-02-01

    Despite of the cold, winter is a good season for training, it's much more comfortable than summer with its heat combined with humidity. So this time I propose you, not a photo-walk but a photo-jog...

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  • Fixie in Shibuya

    Posted on : 2009-01-23

    Working now in Shibuya I can see everyday some dudes riding fixies (and some single speed also). During one of my lunch time I discovered a shop 3 mn from my office in a small street : Triple rock...

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  • Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Fair

    Posted on : 2009-01-17

    Yesterday I went to the Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Fair. I thought of a quite big event but it's actually a rather small organization. It took place at the Museum of Science just next to the Emperor Palac...

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  • Fixie start at Harajuku crossing, by Joi Ito

    Posted on : 2008-12-17

    Just found this short cool video by Joi Ito. More news soon about fixed gear. Last posts about it were about the Sekido bashi bicycle market, it was 2 months ago!... pfff... anyone to slow down time?...

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  • Bicycle Flea Market Canonet Photos

    Posted on : 2008-10-29

    Here are the photos taken with my Canonet at the bicycle flea market 2 weeks ago.I did not plan this visit and already loaded before a black and white film. So sorry, no colorful bikes this time....

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  • Sekido Bashi Bicycle Flea Market

    Posted on : 2008-10-17

    The first time I've read about this market was in COG magazine but then completly forgot about it... Thankfully, nico^p who also lives in Japan reminded me the event on the french fixed gear fo...

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  • Tokyo Marathon

    Posted on : 2008-08-09

    I've spotted some posters for the next Tokyo Marathon in 2009! This time it will be little bit later in the year (22 of March) compared to previous ones. Makes me remember that this year was my...

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  • My fixie quest (part three)

    Posted on : 2008-08-02

    Today I visited "Sexon Super Peace". It's a fixed gear bicycle shop (but also for some surf stuff) in Shinsen (神泉) in Shibuya Ku. It's easy to find, you can walk from Shibuya Station, it will take...

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  • Ride bicycles!

    Posted on : 2008-07-26

    Here are some shots from the search page of twitter, formerly known as Summize (I liked the design better...). It's interesting as you can see many twitter posters are wishing to have a fix...

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  • My fixie quest (part two)

    Posted on : 2008-07-19

    This afternoon I went to Carnival, maybe the most famous shop for fixies in Japan. It's in Shibuya at the second floor of a building above W-BASE shop (meaning first floor if you are french...)....

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  • Fast Friday in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2008-07-18

    The 2008-08-08 the DVD "Fast friday" will be released in Japan. It's a fixie documentary by David Rowe. For the occasion an event will take place in Shibuya at Uplink Factory. Uplink is an arty...

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  • My fixie quest (part one)

    Posted on : 2008-07-05

    Even if it is hell to practice road bike in/around Tokyo, one thing cool is the number of bicycle shops. I already have 2 bikes, the trek for training and a little (but really heavy) bike I bought al...

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  • Triathlon training around Yokohama

    Posted on : 2008-06-25

    This is a post for my friends of Hac Triathlon ( in Le Havre, France. Okay...So, since I've been living in Japan, I did not do anymore competitions but I still keep training w...

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