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  • Fuji Project Report

    Posted on : 2010-09-05

    Report took almost as much time as the challenge itself but here it is!Saturday the 28th of August I left Yokohama at around 7AM to go to the Fuji San, a 140km ride and then climb the volcano. To make...

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  • Fuji Project - Training

    Posted on : 2010-07-19

    Training is going on pretty well. Yes, the heat makes it harder but anyway it will be hot also on d-day. I do running, cycling and even some swimming sessions. Cross training is the best to get back i...

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  • Fuji Project

    Posted on : 2010-07-12

    For a few weeks now I've been thinking about a project for this summer. A sporty one. My goal is to start from 0m, Yokohama altitude to the top of Japan, the Mount Fuji, 3776 m.In one day an...


  • Fuji-CyclingTime Team Presentation

    Posted on : 2010-06-23

    About 10 days ago I was invited by Stephan Forest, Manager of the Fuji-CyclingTime team to their presentation party. It took place at the Canteen, just next the CyclingTime bike shop in Soho-Odaiba. T...

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  • Bicycle Shops in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2010-06-19

    It's been a while that I uploaded some bicycle related article here. So time to catch up a little bit. [an other article should follow tomorrow or monday]As I needed to buy some new tubes I visited th...

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  • Tokyo Fix iPhone App

    Posted on : 2010-05-10

    Today I downloaded the Tokyo Fix iPhone App. It was released just recently by Ollie Magazine, a street culture mag it seems. The app costs 230 yen which is reasonable. Here are some screen-shots showi...

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  • Fixed in Japan

    Posted on : 2010-04-07

    Cleaning up my folders I stumbled upon  these photos and I wondered why I haven't uploaded yet them...well here they are! Some photos were taken as far as last October so don't mind please... Any...


  • Cycle Mode Tokyo

    Posted on : 2010-02-06

    Finally I uploaded a selection of my photos taken at the Cycle Mode Tokyo in December 2009. About 80 of them. I wanted to make it in several parts but hardly found the time to do it. I only did for 2...

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  • Handmade Bicycle Fair Tokyo 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-19

    Like last year I went to the Handmade Bicycle Fair of Tokyo this last Saturday. I would say that the usual suspects were there. So it's cool to see the works done by the craft men but it's also a g...

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  • Keirin Grand Prix 2009

    Posted on : 2010-01-02

    [Poster seen at the Cycle Mode - which reminds me I still have some photos to show you about this event] Each year the final Keirin Grand Prix takes place at the end of December. It is kind of a n...

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  • Italian Bicycles

    Posted on : 2009-12-23

    More photos taken at Cycle Mode, today I will focus on Italian brands that caught my eyes. This first one was simply wonderful, design, color, I love it! With nice wheels to go with it...

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  • Fuji bikes at Cycle Mode

    Posted on : 2009-12-17

    As you know I have a Fuji Feather bike and I am quite happy with it : I use it every day to go and back from home to the station. It is always parked outside since the day I bought it and is still in...

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  • BMX Video - Cycle Mode International

    Posted on : 2009-12-14

    Saturday, I went to the Cycle Mode event in Tokyo, it is the largest bicycle showcase in Japan. Makers came from everywhere in the world. It was great and as you might guess, I took hundreds of pho...

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  • W-BASE Tokyo 5th Anniversary

    Posted on : 2009-12-05

    Yesterday night, I was going to pick up wifey at her job when I accidentally found out that the W-BASE shop was celebrating its 5th anniversary just on my way. W-BASE is one of the most famous shop...

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  • BFF Tokyo 2009

    Posted on : 2009-11-22

    I could not attend all the film projections but I've seen some very good ones! Thanks a lot to Brendt Barbur, Founding Director of the festival. I was in the audience for 2 programs, number 4 e...

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  • Bicycle Film Festival - Tokyo

    Posted on : 2009-11-21

    Yesterday evening was the opening party for the BFF 2009 in Tokyo. It took places at Combine in Daikan Yama which was perfect for me as I had to be in the neighborhood around this time :) He...

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  • Sekido Bashi Market - Last Part

    Posted on : 2009-11-10

    Okay I am totally late on this one but here it is, the last part of the bicycle market report. First is Nakamura San and his project Momoiro Bike Works, I guess this could interest Danny Choo (?)...

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  • SekidoBashi Bicycle Market Part 2

    Posted on : 2009-10-23

    The market welcomes any kind of bicycles but as they are (still / more and more ?) popular, fixed gear bikes (ピストバイク=pist bike) are quite numerous to see. So here are some of them :) [Do...

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