When I came to Japan to look for a job and doing search on the web I could see a tiny shuriken logo on the top left of many Japanese blogs...
Checking it I found out it was related to a Samurai Factory's access analyzer service. That's how I found my job two years and a half ago! (to make it short)

For the past few months, I've been working on a new access analyzer project with my co-workers. Yesterday we finally released it : !


If you have a blog or a site on the web, I am sure you are like me, hooked to your access data :) We already have a good real time Ninja Tool called 忍者アクセス解析 (Ninja Access Analyzer) part of the Ninja Tools with more than 1.2 Million users in Japan.

This time we are going World Wide (Web - of course :)

Indeed, the new service built from scratch offers for free, a new engine and new interface in Japanese and in English! Yes!

To make the registration smooth we also use the Open ID system. If you don't know what is it check it, you certainly already have an Open ID without knowing it.

The version is still in Beta (in the real meaning of it : you may find some tiny bugs... or not at all!), but we really wanted to release it as soon as possible because it's already great!


One of the best point of it, in my opinion, is its real time capability. Once you pasted the javascript tag in your page and someone access to it, the data will come instantly in your "Raw Logs" page, how nice is it?


The top page called "My Page" gives a summary of the data. You can also customize this "My Page" by choosing 4 (draggable) widgets giving you a quick view to the data you have the most interest in (most popular pages, language, keywords, etc... the list is long! check it :).


Then if you want some more real time details (like Raw logs / Phrase search / Country etc), just check the corresponding page from the left menu.


An other good point is a clean interface with Ajax where it is good to have some ;-)

I must say I am quite happy with what we released now. But it is just the first step (a huge one though) as we intend to continually improve the service.

Finally I must add that 2 other projects (!) were also released yesterday in English version : the Ninja Website (to host your html homepage) and the Ninja Access Counter (to show your visitors how your page is popular!).

So now you know what to do : give a try to Ninjalyzer !


[Feedbacks (even those who hurt - especially those ones) are welcomed to help us to make it better.]

Posted on : by Ninjalyzer from Japan!

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