North Korean leaders claim it was a satellite launch and that it succeeded, other countries tell it was a ballistic missile test who plunged into the Pacific Ocean... ah ah!
Anyway having something from North Korea "flying" over our heads is nothing good, whatever it is.

Apart from the event itself, as we were getting out of the station, some guys were distributing for free some newspapers (a 4 pages one) to announce this striking news.
Exactly like in the old movies when we can see guys selling newspapers in the street and shouting to attract people's attention!

Thinking we can have CNN in our pocket now it was kind of strange... Missile launched from a "communist" country, newspaper sold in the street, for a moment I thought I was living in the 50's!

Here is this "Daily Yomiuri" special edition :

North Korean Missile over Japan

North Korean Missile over Japan

Plus the last page is in English! (a gaijin friendly newspaper? ;-)

North Korean Missile over Japan

I think I am going to keep it :)

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