Here in Japan, Yahoo! is still number one in the internet business.
We can find it everywhere (PC, mobile phone, TV, provider...) and established many years ago (it's important as the Japanese tend to be faithfull to brands : first in, first for long time!). So here Google, who came later, has to do what it doesn't really need in other countries : advertissement to explain what are its products!

Few weeks ago I already spotted some advertissement for youtube on mobile:

Youtube Mobile  Japan

Youtube Mobile in Japan

Second one says : "Be careful coming back home from work, watching to much youtube on your keitai you may miss your station and end in an unknown place!" (well something like that)

But this week Google started to promote some of their "own" services :

iGoogle in Tokyo

iGoogle banners for the personnal Google start page.

Google Street View Ad in Tokyo

The new guy in town : Street View (with all its privacy problems)

They even created a specific page to teach what they can do :, "dekiru" meaning "We can do".

Google Ad in Ikebukuro

As for me I'll promote the internet services developed by my current company :) the Ninja Tools!
The services list is quite long now, and if you can read japanese, you might be interested in it!

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By MT At 2010-02-21 14:46:34
from CA ,?

I like to place an ad free of charge in Japanese web sites.
Where are the good places?

By mt At 2010-02-21 14:58:27
from ca

Just to supplement: the ad I want to place is:
è‹±èªžà®à§àà‚‹æ–¹à§à“à®ï¼“æœˆà®åƒè‘‰çœŒæ¾æˆ¸à§à®ç«¶è¼ªæ—¥æœ¬é¸æ‰‹æ¨©à®àŸà‚à®à ‚¬à‚¤àƒ‰à‚’æœà—à¦à„à¾à™à€‚
ï¼’ï¼Žç«¶è¼ªà«à¤à„à¦à‚ˆàçŸ¥à£à¦à„à‚‹à“à¨(è‡ªåˆ†è‡ªèº«àŒç«¶è¼ªé¸æ‰‹à§à‚à‚‹à¨à‹ à€àƒ•à‚¡àƒ³à§à‚à‚‹àªà©ï¼‰à€‚
ï¼“ï¼Žà“à®ï¼“æœˆà®ï¼“ï¼Œï¼”ï¼Œï¼•ï¼Œï¼–æ—¥à®å…¨æ—¥à€à‚¢àƒ¡àƒªà‚«äºº(ï¼‘äººï¼‰à®àŸà‚à® à‚¬à‚¤àƒ‰à‚’à—à¦à„àŸà à‘à‚‹à“à¨à€‚

2. æœ€åˆà®æ—¥à®ï¼“æœˆï¼“æ—¥à®à¿ï¼šà‚¯àƒ©à‚¤à‚¢àƒ³àƒˆà«àƒ¬àƒ¼à‚¹à®æœæ¸‹è°·à®àƒ›àƒ†àƒ«àƒ¡àƒƒàƒ„à §à‚à„à€àƒ¬àƒ¼à‚¹à®å¾Œà€æ¸‹è°·à®åŒàƒ›àƒ†àƒ«à¸àŠàà‚‹à€‚

à‚àªàŸà®è³‡æ ¼à«à¤à„à¦à€à¾àŸà€å¸Œæœ›à™à‚‹å ±é…¬à«à¤à„à¦é›»å­àƒ¡àƒ¼àƒ«à§àŠç Ÿ¥à‚‰à›àà à•à„à€‚
ç«¶è¼ªå ´à¸à®å…¥å ´æ–™à¯à‚¯àƒ©à‚¤à‚¢àƒ³àƒˆàŒæ‰•à„à¾à™à€‚

Bi-lingual (Japanese-English)Guide wanted for Keirin Japan Championship in Matudo, Chiba
fo an American visitor March 3,4 5, and 6. Must be familiar with keirin.

Bi-lingual: Japanese and English
Familiar with keirin
Available March 3,4 5, and 6 for the Japan Championship race in Matudo, Chiba

1. During the race, guide the client on the race in English.
2. Only on the first day March 3, meet the client in the morning at Hotel Mets, (JR)Shibuya and return him to the same hotel after the race.On all other days, meet the client in the morning at Matudo Keirin and stay with him until the race ends.

Please reply with:
Information on your qualification
Compensation desired.

Client pays for admissions.

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