Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Finally I uploaded a selection of my photos taken at the Cycle Mode Tokyo in December 2009. About 80 of them. I wanted to make it in several parts but hardly found the time to do it. I only did for 2 articles : for the Fuji booth and for the Italian brands represented there. Also I had a special selection of the photos featured on Wallpaper* but I had much more, so here it is.

In this article you can see a selection of the selection :) For more please check the album in the gallery : Cycle Mode 2009 or the slideshow with large size photos on Flickr : Cycle Mode 2009 Slideshow


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

It seems that an other pic I took from this saddle for Wallpaper* was also featured on many blogs and forum.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

The Tokyo/Shibuya shop was well represented.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Very chic booth, I did not know this brand.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Le Pineau

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

From Osaka if I remember well.

Panasonic Track Bike

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

A Classic.

BMC Delta 7 Ascend

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Check the slideshow for close-ups of this crazy carbon frame.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

More info at, they work with Puma also.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Japan team bike.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Stijn Cycles

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Stijn Deferm is a Belgium national designer. He's working with a German frame builder living in China and his associate is in Korea! Gorgeous frames for less than 150000 yens in Japan for the steel version and 230000 for the stainless ones. At his booth I also met Karta Healy designer/creator from London. [he did the poster]. Karta (and his shop) is featured this month in the Japanese version of GQ!

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

No more chain! It must be so silent...I'd like to try it... [edit :by mistake I wrote Cannondale, thanks to J-F for correction]

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Cute Girls again ;-)

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

Ceepo Katana

Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

I had a talk with the CEO, Tanaka San. Ceepo is an official bike partner of the Ironman triathlon brand. He design the frame and they are made in Taiwan.


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009


Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009

For more it is here : Cycle Mode 2009 Slideshow

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By dannychoo At 2010-02-08 08:16:49
from Tokyo

MMMM! Nice girlies

By J-F At 2010-02-09 04:05:40
from Angers

Le Cannondale n'en est pas un, c'est un Trek (celui avec transmission par courroie).
Cette petite intervention me permet de dire que ce blog, découvert récemment, est excellentissime.
Bonne continuation, et en attente de tes nouveaux articles.

By JeromeSadou At 2010-02-09 06:22:33
from Yokohama || Tokyo

Oui bien sur! Je ne sais pas pourquoi j'ai ecrit Cannondale! :/ Merci de la correction je vais éditer le texte.

By pchan At 2010-02-11 14:43:30
from Belgium

Ah ces Japonais, ils faut qu'ils mettent des petites nanas pour vendre n'importe quoi^^

By JeromeSadou At 2010-02-11 20:31:34
from Yokohama || Tokyo

Oui, et c'est trà¨s bien comme ça!! :D

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